Upper right chest pain with high HR

Hi, I have been using TR for few years and no complaints. But recently as my FTP went up and started to do Sustained Power (Build phase), I noticed that I begin to have some discomfort in my chest specifically when my heart rate goes very high (for me it’s 175+).

It is not something that makes me stop and I could tell it’s to do with my HR as I can feel my the artery pounding really hard near my right collar bone. It always comes towards the end of the interval so when I rest/stop it goes away.

I had an accident two years ago and broke this right bone. Could it be that the pain is coming from the lump caused by the broken (healed) bone?

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That’s one for your Doc really.


+1 on that…

Curious if you ever got an answer. I tend to have similar symptoms when doing long VO2 max intervals (3 to 5 min), though, the pain doesn’t start until maybe the the fifth or sixth intervals When HR creeps to 185+.

I never got injured on or around the chest before though, but in general, my HR can climb quite high (over 200).

I was reading this article to get a better understanding (after my doctor said he didn’t find anything abnormal).