Upper back strengthening hinders performance?

This year I’m planning to do some strength workout, espacially on my upper back which is weak due to the entirety of my time spent either on the bike or sitting at the computer. It lead to a bad posture and I don’t like it.

So I’m wondering if bringing your shoulders back through upper back strengthening and chest stretching would affect performance in some way ( maybe it brings a less aero position, especially on a tt bike ) ?

Ps : I’m not a pro athlete so if I have to choose between posture and performance, I’ll always choose posture.
I’m just curious if any research has been done on this !

I doubt it. Long term health is superior to marginal aero gains—if any.


Don’t be a slouch with a bad posture. Stand tall and strong like Ganna and Wout…correct posture doesn’t seem to hinder their cycling abilities.

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I agree with both. Posture and shoulder health are super important outside of cycling. Also, you’re building strength in your upper back, not turning it to stone. If you have a need to round or slouch (like maybe turtling in a TT) you should still be able to do that.

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