Unusual Strava segment result

Hi guys! I have a question about possible Strava segments cheating :slight_smile:

We have a guy, age 40+, weight 96 kg.
He rode a pretty flat strava segment on TT bike (he said that he used it only several times). Distance- 10.15 km. Start and finish in one place, with U-turn.
His first attempt (warm-up) was at 165 bpm, time 17:33.
Then he made another attempt but put his watch on the aero bar , so we don’t have data about HR. Time - 13:30.
No more comparable results for all his career.

No power data.

Some people from our community said that it’s not possible, and it was cheating. And asked him to repeat, but he refused)

What do you think? Is it possible?

Is it ‘possible’ - yes … 45km/h for 10km is perfectly possible. Probably needs around 340-350W to deliver that speed? Less if there was a tailwind or it was a good TT bike and position.

Is it likely? No idea, don’t know the rider or the course…

On a good day 45kmh is not unreasonable on a TT bike, you could average that with good positioning in relatively few watts.

I think the real question is, does it really matter? After all, as my mother says, he’s only cheating himself.


Two scenarios using Bike Calculator.

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I mean is it possible with this data:
165 bmp - 34.8 km/h
??? Bpm - 45.5 Km/h

For example, I have:
166 bpm - 39.3 km/h (sweet spot interval)
177 bpm - 43 km/h (all out)
Not tt bike, the same distance.
So the difference in time just 1.5 mim

So, you need to double your power…


Offer him $100 if he can do it in under 14 minutes while you watch. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Already :slight_smile: Two people offered him prises. He refused for some reason

If the first was a warmup ridden mostly on the bull horns and the second was all out in the aero bars then i think that’s a perfectly reasonable difference. Though 166 average HR sounds a bit high to me for just a warmup run.

Optical HRM could just be giving a bad reading