Unexpected advantage to Adaptive Training

Yesterday morning I got up at 4.30 am, spent the day driving 500 miles in a van, got back at 6.30 pm and was on the turbo an hour later doing Petras. By the end of the third interval I was up for baling but thought I’ll try and hang on for 6. However, although it nearly killed me, I managed to finish and wow was I proud. The only reason I could do it was I was terrified that adaptive training would give me an easier workout adaption next time, basically saying you loser :joy: It’s a big incentive to battle through to the bitter end :wink:


Accountability is a real motivation for some. Knowing that AT “is watching” via the survey and our performance is similar to having a coach or someone reviewing our work. Makes sense to me, and good that is seemed to help you push through a tough one for a win. :smiley:

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Possibly a better alternative would have been to choose an easier Alternate, achievable versus progression. With that much “stress/fatigue “ going into the workout, you were setting yourself up for failure. You’ve managed to finish the workout, but it may affect future workouts.

We shouldn’t be training to keep or progress PLs. That is not the end game. The correct workout considering all factors will lead to better long term goals.

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