Understanding TR’s IF

I rode Ride London on Sunday. 235 avg. power and 255 NP for 4h16. TrainerRoad reports an IF of 0.91 whilst every other service (Garmin Connect, Strava, TP) tells me it was 0.80 IF. Why the discrepancy?

Your IF is NP/FTP. The discrepancy is caused by the other platforms not knowing your FTP

My FTP is as TrainerRoad on all the other platforms. Why is TrainerRoad telling me that 255NP/320FTP is 90%?

IF also takes time into account. ???

Have you synced your FTP to your device? You may have the FTP set in TR but if the device has something different on it that could potentially be the reason.

maybe it got fixed overnight, looking at the ride on your career page it’s reporting a .80 IF.

FWIW IF is a copyrighted term / calculation so TR would have to call it something different if they calculated it differently.

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Ahh. They must be A/B testing something and I’ve still got the broken version.