Unbound Gravel 2023

How much time do you think clip on bars will save you?

I was looking for another position over speed, but I’ll take free speed.

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These ones from zipp look pretty nice

Zipp Vuka Alumina Aerobar Extension - Components (competitivecyclist.com)

Mine are full sized profile designs versions, but cut down.

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Its a big savings, assuming you get the positioning correct so you are comfortable. I would have to pull up my old data, but my TT bike was something like a couple mph faster when riding at FTP vs gravel bike.

But I had a pro fit on my TT bike and I can hold that position for many hours.

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Those were the extensions I ran in 2019, combined with a set of old Scott RCO clamps / armrests. Great extensions with a great shape.

I will 100% get a fit when I add the clip-on bars.

My fitter has done unbound a few times and he knows the demands of this race.

It’s at least worth half a mile per hour

Also, more hand positions

You just end up with so much time by yourself if you can come up with another way to combat the time you can be more successful

It’s not so much a no no as it is a pain in the ass to rehab the chain for waxing again. Just pretty much count on doing all the steps one does on a factory fresh chain. I just did a new KMC 11spd chain yesterday and it took 3 30 minute cycles with one solvent change (20% simple green 80% water) in the heated ultrasonic to get all the grease out.

I will have a new (less than 100 miles) chain on at the start and a newer chain at each checkpoint. I have crew that knows bikes, so I’m not worried about having someone that knows how to put a chain on.

Also lights in drop bag at the 2nd check point because stuff happens.

Keegan ran the Farr Aero bolt on. I’m going to run the Farr Aero bolt on large with the Redshift Kitchen sink bag, because more bags, more food, less bonk.

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I’ve been thinking a lot about aero bars as well, I’m sure they’ll be a huge conduit comfort boost over the 350 mile XL course. Was eyeing those Zipp ones, so glad to hear the positive reviews.

Not sure how many XL folks are in this thread, but anyone have suggestions on lights that will run through the night? I am in the early process of building up a dynamo hub front wheel for bikepacking trips so thought about just doing that to save the cash, but even with the efficient SON28 hub I’d be losing close to 20 watts due to drag.

Just checked, and the day of the race is on a full moon, so should make riding through the night a cool experience for XL peeps and 200 folks who can’t quite beat the sun.

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I did a race that started at 9 PM last year. Moon wasn’t up yet when we started but watching it rise as we rode into the night was pretty freaking cool.

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From the video on their website those don’t look aero at all.

I’ve used it a bit. gets the hands closer to center, allows for you to get your elbows in. Also gives a couple of more hand positions and with the kitchen sink bag, storage too.

But no not full on aero like gazelle horns sticking out, bonus is they are apparently PBP legal as well since nothing can go past the brifters.

Any recommendations for bottle cages?

I’ve never had an issue. 95% of my miles are in Kansas FWIW.

Blackburn Camber Carbon Bike Bottle Cage https://a.co/d/cpt55R3

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I used specialized rib cage and haven’t had a liter bottle be ejected yet

I’ve been using Bontrager Elites for a decade at least. Thousands and thousands of miles with 1L bottles. Two Unbounds. A ton of mountain biking. Have never come close to ejecting a bottle.

Metal bottle cages are great, you can bend them ‘in’ a little so they’re tighter or ‘out’ to loosen them up.

I’ve used plastic and even a carbon fiber cage. I just don’t see an improvement after a good metal cage. You can even get titanium cages if you want them to be super light.

This is the correct answer……never lost a bottle anywhere with these cages. Road, MTB, triathlon, gravel, you name it.

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King Titanium Cages. Pricey, crazy light, vise like cages
Arundel Sport. Affordable, reasonable weight, color options, strong hold cages.

The other pro tip is to use NEW bottles. I use old bottles for workouts, but for MTB and Gravel race day, it’s new bottles that the cages can hold on to. Older bottles get scratched up and are far more prone to popping out.