Ultrafondo from Zurich to Zermatt

Anybody coming? :drooling_face::muscle:t2::metal:t2:

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For anyone interested, the route is superb, the views will be great (even before you get to Grimsel Pass and onward) and even though you’re on the road at night (early morning before dawn & possibly the evening getting close to dusk) and day, the roads are safe for cyclists. Get a place in Zermatt if you do it and take the train home to Zurich or wherever else. No car need (nor allowed in Zermatt). You’ll want a headlight for the first couple of hours as there aren’t many street lights on the route once you’re outside the city. On the plus side, the number of street signals on the route, once you’re out of Zurich, can probably be counted on one hand.

@MarekBns, are you doing it? My season will have ended the month before. I often ride the roads west of Zurichsee to just west and south of Luzern, not to mention doing AlpenBrevet that includes Grimsel, plus the Zermatt Ultra which starts in St Niklaus and is often on the pavement (and parallel to when off) this ride. Have you ridden Visp to Zermatt?

I am in 100% - was one of the first ones on the start list :grin:. About three weeks before this one I will ride “Ötztaler Radmarathon”, but Z-Z is definitely my “A” event this year for me!
I believe it will be amazing thing, nice and challenging. Fabian Cancellara will ride as well. I am really excited and looking forward.

@mountainrunner: No I have never ridden in Wallis, majority of my mountain rides happen to be in Berner Oberland :sunglasses:

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