Grimsel - Furka - Susten

Hi all,

I am planning on riding this route next week, 3 big swiss climbs.

I need to start/end at Innertkirchen - any tips? I’ve not ridden in the mountains before, but I’m confident my fitness should hold up (I average 9hrs/wk, ~4w/kg). I will pack a DWR jacket, lights and carry plenty of fuel.


It is a beautiful ride. Enjoy it. Susten is a beast at the end. You can refill your bottles midway at a fountain or cafe.

You should be fine with your fitness. Depending on what time you start you definitely won’t need you lights. But better be safe than sorry


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Thanks, I’m really looing forward to it. The lights were more for any tunnels I may pass, also I plan on leaving ~5:30AM so will hopefully see the sunrise on the Grimsel.

With regards to water, I don’t really want to carry too much, but was paranoid I’d not find anything much. I’ve heard there are fountains, but I like to be as self sufficient as possible, just in case!

  1. Definitely take at least rear lights. There are several tunnels. Mainly on the Susten descent to Innertkirchen but also a few on your ascent up Grimsel and although tunnels generally well lit, doesn’t hurt to have them.
  2. Several fountains. Namely at the start, at Gletsch (or at least toilets at the very useful restaurant there) and in Andermatt.
  3. Remember swiss shops mainly closed on Sunday.
  4. Use meteosuisse app to check weather, there are some stormy days coming up so avoid them obviously and you can also get an idea of wind speed. Grimsel headwind to start not ideal.
  5. Enjoy! Let us know how you get on. If not used to mountains then don’t look at your power…altitude not your friend.
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