Any bike mechanics, help needed....Ultegra 6870 and R8000 compatibility


I have the Ultegra 6870 groupset on my Canyon. I need to replace the chain sets and can find the exact same online. However, my crank arm is all scratched up and for only a bit more cash I can get a Complete R8000 chainset which includes the crank.

Question is, would this be compatible on the bike? Would there be any issues with the front derailleur as I understand there is a slight difference in the spacing.

Anyone with knowledge or expertise on this?


It should match up with no issues.


It all works the same. Pull ratios are the same so mechs and shifters work. The only things that are not cross compatible are the chainrings and cranks. So 8000 rings will not fit 6800 cranks.


Thanks both, I’ll do it and get the full set.


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I think it will work, but it may not be perfect:

Taken from the Shimano compatibility chart( v useful) at


Hold on, what original crankset is on your bike currently? If it isn’t a Shimano or another brand cranks with 24mm spindle then an R8000 crankset would not necessarily fit as a plug and play. You’d potentially have to get a new bottom bracket if that’s the case. Now if your existing cranks are 6800 then never mind. It’s compatible and you can ignore my post.

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Safe to take this as the group, and therefore crankset currently in place.

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While you’re probably (most likely) right you don’t always see fully match groupsets unless you get into the more/most expensive offerings. Even then sometimes they still swap out things to keep costs down take a Felt IA10 for example (I was tempted to buy one the other year but was looking at used). It is not a cheap bike and comes with Ultegra R8070 Di2. But the crankset is an Vision brand, BB an FSA, the calipers are a combo of a Shimano 105 series direct mount rear and a Vision front caliper. I don’t know which exact cassette is on there but I wouldn’t be surprised if they put a 105 level on the factory wheelset that comes with the bike. This is a $5,000+ (USD) bike even retail new.

Maybe Canyon seems to better about matching groupsets though (it seems like it). I’m used to seeing sub $5k bikes not having fully match groupsets from the factory. I was bike shopping the other year but with the lack of actual racing I was doing these days with a young children just coudn’t personally justify the costs (and the wife probably would’ve divorced me if I got another expensive bike again). I do wish they’d offer more framesets (Canyon) but alas they won’t for what I’m interested in (a new Speedmax is tempting but I don’t need a full bike, just want the frameset).

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I’m using 9100 crankset with 6870, so r8000 should be fine

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