UK - when to switch to summer tires?

I live in the UK and switched to winter tires in November - Schwabe Durano Plus. I ride on country lanes so potholes and debris in winter are expected.

I recently bought a pair of Continental GP 5000s for summer and am wondering when to switch over?

Do I wait until the weather hits a certain average temp?

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Those are pretty tough tyres, so would personally use something like that based on how much mileage you do in summer and how many seasons you want. If you do 4k miles from April to September then I’d use them come April as an example.

What you need to be more careful with is the soft core spun stuff like Corsa Gs. They shred easily, so something like those if you’re not living in an area with good roads, I’d put more thought into how they were used. If you have smooth tarmac, no thorns, or even freshly cut hedges, glass or whatever, generally you can do what you want - it’s just about rear tyre mileage.

I’ve lived in Edinburgh and lived in London in the UK and the temperatures are often much different so you get a more nuanced take on it. Scots will be putting on ‘summer tyres’ in temps some riders in SE England would consider too cold,

I’ve ridden a combo of gp5000 & schwable pro 1 on different bikes all winter in the glorious north west. Not one puncture.

That being said it’s now hedge trimming season for a lot of farmers and so more crap on the road.

Peraonally i’d gladly run conti’s all year round

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Wait till it warms up. I tend to switch back end of this month when hopefully back in shorts.

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I usually run the gp4s in the winter in the UK, but this year have been running the 4000s all winter because I had a few lying around with life left in them. Haven’t had any issues in any conditions. So based on that, switch whenever you want. My opinion fwiw, if you have life left in the winter tyres keep them going until it warms up more. Then when the weather improves you get the joy of fresh tyres on a sunny day and depending on your mileage should last all summer.

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I run my Continental 5000TL’s all year round. What I do though is have summer and winter wheels though (which are both fitted with 5000TL’s) and wait before roads dry out and are grit free before putting the better wheelset on.

I run Conti 5k on one bike and Conti 5KTL on the other. Just stay on them all year round, no real need to change as they have a good level of puncture protection.

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Find it best to have various options available (bikes and wheels). During March and April, when the weather is unpredictable (in either a good or bad way), you can just pick what is needed.

Same time as mudguards come off?


I don’t actually have mud guards, but that makes a lot of sense :grinning:

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This, 100%.

The lanes around my way are littered at the moment. That said, I have switched over to my summer wheels and tires. I just try and be mindful of the fact that there’s debris in/on the roads and where possible and it’s safe, I position myself towards the centre of the road.

Its not a very helpful answer though :joy:

I don’t know. Probably a bit later this month. Once the roads are more dry than wet. After hedge cutting season is a good idea too.

I had completely forgotten about that :woman_facepalming:

GP5000s tubeless all year round for me. Thorn holes from hedge cutting seal up nicely.

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Oh yes, hedges.

Try to avoid country lanes if they’ve been cutting. I’ve been staying coastal on my routes since this the other week. Look at the size of it!

Scwalbe Pro One Evo (clincher only version).


I tend to run tubeless all year round - Hutchinsons fusion 5 storm 11 at the moment. And they work well.
Summer wheels currently on specialised turbo tubeless.

Think it depends what you’re confortabke/happy with.

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And the sandals come out :grinning:

I’ve had some good winter mileage out of some GP4S 28s. But one of them has a 10mm gash and both had lots of embedded flint so I thought I should replace. Went with Scwalbe One Tubed 28s to replace and hoping they are good year round.

People switch to summer tyres?? I have been using my GP5k’s all year round.


Cause it never rains in the summer. :joy: