UK Friends! Riding/Stay Outside Of London This Fall

As above if you went for somewhere like derby you are an easy train into London and a 160km ride gets you a fantastic loop around into the peak district with some great views and proper climbs

I could supply you some routes you would regret starting haha

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If I was going to London Hatfield or Bishpo Stortford would be my two destinations.

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If you want decent cycling just move your meeting venue to Edinburgh! :grin::grin::grin::wink::wink:

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Then you can go do the categorised climbs in surrey no issue unlike us who have to cycle out of the city through a ton of traffic lights before we get to go murder ourselves


this is amazing! once I get the two venues sorted I’ll circle back to this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

LOL! i was in Upstate NY near canada for 10 years of cycling so as long as we can dodge snow I’ll give it a go. I was acutally in MCR for 3 weeks in October; I lucked out and had great weather, unless it gets much rainier in Nov. Thanks!!

love the peaks district! rode there a few years ago, so awesome!! thanks!

No worries. Feel free to drop me a pm when you’ve got things sorted if you want any more information.