London Mountain Biking

My wife has a week of meetings in London this June and I’m going to tag along. I don’t know exactly where we’re staying yet but one office is in Finsbury and the other is near Piccadilly Circus so we’ll likely be near one of them.

I’d like to get out of town for some mountain biking during one or two of the days, if possible. I’ve heard of the Surrey Hills but don’t know anything the area. Are there decent trails worth traveling to from the city? Is there someplace to rent (errr…hire) a good mountain bike for a day? I won’t have a car so will need to get to my destination by train.

If the mountain biking isn’t worth the effort, I’d be interested in a road ride.

Any help or guidance is appreciated!

Peaslake it tricky to get to from London and is a small village but you can get a train to Dorking and then a cab or to Horsley and get a cab I think will be the best way and rent

There is also Epping Forest for more XC stuff which is closer and a train to Chingford is walking distance and hire a bike.

This is helpful. Thank you!

I would give Swinley a try (Bracknell which is near Reading). Swinley bike hub (they have a website) do hire bikes and the trails have a blue and a Red route. Its a fairly easy drive, and Bracknell/Reading have good rail connections.

I don’t really know the Peaslake rides, but its always struck me as more of an area with trails that locals know, rather than a more organised set up. I may be wrong though, as I’ve only ever ridden there a couple of times.