UK air conditioning

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Does anyone in the UK use an A/C unit? If so, did it make a difference to your training and can you recommend a unit?

Im a very sweaty rider, even outdoors, so i’ll drip a decent amount of sweat during my indoor sessions, even with the window open and 2 fans on me (one of which is the Vacmaster blower).

I live in a flat so the room is small and i often close the door to limit disturbance to my girlfriend in the next room. This limits air to flowing in and out of the room through a single window.

As well as hopefully lowering my rpe and improving my training, I also want to take care of the room and not see it damaged because of my training. The room is noticeably warm and very humid if you were to walk in on me mid session. This cant be good for me or the fabric of my house.

Will an AC unit help me?

Open to any and all suggestions

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It seems to me that a portable air conditioner could fit if you have a small room. It’s reliable, mobile and efficient. There will be no problems with installation. You may find it useful: How to install portable AC

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