UCI track cycling champions league

Does anybody have a chance to watch it? If not - highly recommended. It was something completely different, extremely fast and dynamic. It was like crits vs road race. Sprinting with 3 people instead of 2 was an amazing move that elevated pretty boring event to some new level. Endurance competitions was a little bit too short but whole event was packed with action and pure entertainment. Not to mention equal prize money and pretty nice production with video mapping, lights etc.


Thanks for the heads up. I just peaked onto GCN and see it’s on there. That’ll be perfect trainer fodder for tomorrow.

I was watching this on the trainer today and was clearly a winner from entertainment point of view. There were some production glitches but overall (especially with lack of other racing) it was something new, quite progressive as cycling goes. There were small touches like custom kits with sponsors, HR monitors. It was almost an American approach to sport.

Cheers, I’ll check it out after my ride tomorrow :+1: