UCI Legal, Open Mold, Disc Brake TT Bike?

This will be a bit off topic, but does anyone know if it does exist a open mold disc brake TT frameset which would be UCI compliant?

I mean the frameset wouldn’t have to be certified by UCI, but the dimensions should follow the UCI:s requirements. I sold my Chinese TT bike last summer because lack of time to train for time trials, it was too small and did get way too little use. Now with increasing FTP (about 10 % in three months) I have some thoughts about racing TT in national championships. Disc brakes are must because I have a lot of Shimano parts to build a bike from.

Dolan TT frameset could be bought from the UK, but I am afraid it is not UCI compliant. link here: time-trial-triathlon
“Avenger” TT frameset could be bought from China, but the tube profiles may not be within requirements. Carbon Fiber Time Trial Frame 2020 Avenger Carbon TT Frame Disc Brake cadre velo Triathlon Bike TM6-D Carbon Disc Frameset Di2 - AliExpress Sports & Entertainment
Seems to be that “EDGE SPRINT” is quite identical with Avenger frameset. link: SPRINT DISC Specifications | EDGE DESIGN

Any experiences here?


I pulled your post into a new topic since it deserves a discussion separate from the TT display topic.


Having been very deep down the open mold frame rabbit hole — 3 separate builds — I would recommend just getting a quality name brand frame set. Honestly, the monetary savings are not that great with an open mold frame, and if you factor in your time at all, it’s a losing proposition.

I learned a lot doing open mold frame builds, but I don’t see any compelling reason to go that route in the future. Just my $0.02.


in think the dolan UCI legal bikes will say so on their respective pages

Okay, thanks for sharing your experiences. I got my previous open mold TT bike quite cheap and got what I wanted for it when I sold it, but they’re not the easiest to sell.

Maybe in a couple of years the prices go down and the market for second hand disc brake TT bikes gets larger. Right now I wouldn’t like to spend like 5 000 euros for a bike which would be ridden much less than my other bikes. Seems to be that the Dolan TT bike hasn’t got UCI badge on it, and the tubes look like they are larger than UCI allows. I think Cervelo P-series or Vitus Auro would be the most economical alternatives of the quality names, but I will have a look around for the second hand market in the summer.

It would be best for me to build the bike from parts, it’s a fun project. I have built my gravel bike from a open mold frame and it’s the best bike I’ve ridden as every part is what I like. With a TT bike I could use my road wheelset in training so I think wheelset wise I would just need a disc rear wheel and a deep dish front, or just go with the 50 mm set I have already. Cockpit should be customized for my dimensions, so it would be changed straight away when buying a new bike. Same thing with the drivetrain, smaller cranks with a power meter plus a clutch rear derailleur (like Ultegra RX, no more chain drops!) and big front chainrings would be on my bike if I had to choose.

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Where are you based? Out of curiosity…

What about the Ribble one? Should be uci legal, as their team use them. Don’t think its a disc bike, but should fit your budget.

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I would like to have it with disc brakes, otherwise it’s a nice bike.

these feel expensive… TT’s are usually hard to sale and are let go at a steep discount.
Having the peace of mind of seeing a UCI sticker will usually come with a price hike (for open molds)… Does windspace make a tt frame?

I am afraid Winspace does not manufacture them. It would be nice to have a frameset that complies with UCI regulations. Maybe in couple of years we will see more of them. Until that I will just stick some aero bars on my gravel bike and train for longer and harder events than TT:s :slight_smile:

You can always keep an eye for a budget build, good tires and a wheel cover can go a long way.

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