UCI Granfondo World Championships in Poznan, Poland


It anyone on here going?
I have got my hotel, flights, race license etc sorted but not bike hire. Anyone have any suggestions, I don’t really want to take my own bike?

I’ll be there in the same jersey as you judging by your picture, I’m in the 45-49 age group.
I’m shipping my bike separately so can’t say on hiring.
Considering its the World Championships do you really want to be riding an unfamiliar bike?

Don’t really want to hire a bike but concerned about damage and the general logistics. How are you shipping it?

Same age group, btw, I’m not fast so a hired bike is not ideal but won’t make much different if I end up going that route.

I’ve decided not to go in the end but the sherpr service looked good and is what I would have done.

Bike transported overland from UK to the start line in poznan.

edit: i still bought the team GB jersey :man_facepalming:

Thanks, that is the same price as bike hire minus insurance so I might go the transport my own bike route.


I’m from Poznań, Poland. If you want rent a bike you can check this shop: Bicycle rental - Velo7
Just send them an email.
Good luck!

Looks like it will be very fast!
Lots of long stretches and only a few tight corners and no hills

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Fast. For you maybe… lol… glad there are no hills, I’ve put on 7 - 8kg since ToC but I’m faster on the flat (although not by much.) Been struggling the last two weeks (light cold & then life stress) but hopefully a taper will help iron out that blip. Feels like a long season after having to fast track fitness after suffering from Anaemia in March. Managed to get decent fitness back (training really hard, maxing ramp rate) but at the cost of feeling a bit burnt out now. Looking forward to the event, the experience mainly, and a good rest after. PS thought I got bike transport sorted but Sherpr are fully booked, they weren’t but then a few hours on I went to book and no go. Doh.

My goal was purely to get there and experience riding in national kit at a world championship event and still is my realistic aim.
I’ve gone the other way as I’m significantly better shape than ToC so hoping to at least be at the pointy end.
Purely by chance I spotted a cracked chain link on my bike last night, that could have really spoiled the party if it let go next week! You might want to check yours

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If you don’t mind sharing what time did you qualify with. Mine was about 4hr53 ish