2019 Multisport World Championships Pontevedra

I thought it might be useful to have a thread for those planning on attending this year. Though I have not received my qualifier notification yet (I e-mailed Team USA and they said they expect to send out notices in early Feb) I am still planning and training expecting to be able to compete in the Aquabike.

I figured we could use this thread to see who is planning on going, discuss training, the course, strategy, travel, etc…

Before I found the course profile I actually thought I stood a chance of a podium however since I am currently 6’ 1" and 215lbs with a 300ish FTP my chances don’t look good since there is almost 7000 feet of climbing. However I plan to do my best to drop as much weight as is reasonable and aim for 325+ FTP by race day.

Hopefully this can be a useful thread and maybe we can help each other do our best come race day!

Official Event page with routes
Single Lap Bike Route in MapMyRide

Bike Course Thoughts:
Though the official map only shows a couple of climbs at moderate grade 4-6% looking at the course in detail it is much more than that. You are basically either climbing or descending the entire time and there are some steeper short sections. (this is why I was thinking rolling road race for specialty instead of something like Century or 40k TT or half ironman plan) There is almost 7000 feet of climbing in just over 70 miles on this course.

Training Plans thus far:
SSB1 LV + 3-4 hour Sunday Ride (completed before late dec surgery)
SSB2 LV + 3-4 hour Sunday Ride (started 1/1/2019, with Bike Club 3 day training camp starting 1/17)
Sustained Power Build LV (starts 2/12)
Rolling Road Race (starts 3/12)

Travel Plans (currently still looking at flight options):
Fly to Paris 4/28 and rent a car to slowly sight see and do some rides as I make my way to Pontevedra.
Be in Pontevedra by 5/1
Pre-Ride course on 5/2
Race on 5/4 then take overnight train to Madrid to fly home on 5/5

Bike Transport:
Orucase taken on the plane with me. (tested this out on American Airlines between San Diego and Dallas, they charged me $200 each way for an oversize bag, I did not tell them it was a bike and they would not let me use curb check in)
Nannybag when I don’t have a car and need to store the packed bike (ie. day I arrive in Paris and want to wander around)

Notable Planned Equipment:
2014 BMC Timemachine TM02
Lightbicycle 65mm Front Wheel (Chinese carbon tubeless clincher)
Reynolds Attack with disc cover
Schwalbe Pro One 23mm @ 85-90 psi tubeless with Stans Race Sealant (debating Corsa Speeds or GP5000 TL)
Giro Advantage2
Aerocoach Tripsockz
Giro Empire SLX with tongue cut out and elastic laces (haven’t figured out heal strap yet)

I’m not competing, but just wanted to wish you good luck! I raced the Penticton long distance event and unfortunately had mechanical issues on the bike that petty much ruined my day so hopefully you fare better than me. :grinning:

Thank you, race mechanicals are extremely frustrating, I don’t even want to think about how I would feel mid race with an issue. I am doing everything in my power to prepare, I have spent the last 2 years building up my mechanics ability (cheaper than paying a shop in the long run). Actually built up 2 TT bikes and 2 Road bikes from the frames up now and working on learning how to replace bearings in my wheel hubs.

Baring some crazy disaster like shattered handle bars mid race I should have everything it tip top shape and/or the knowledge to fix anything that comes up.

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Good luck Samuri28, I was going to race this event until I had the course sent to me, to much climbing for me. I have now pulled out and intend to do the Europeans, I did the Fyn Aquabike worlds in Denmark it was a great event and well organised I hope Pontevedra is the same for you.

Way too much climbing for me as well but I came to the conclusion you never know what the next year will bring so if I have the chance I should do it anyways. I turned to Aquabike as I was too risk adverse for Crits, Time Trials are few and far between, and I found out my knees can’t take competitive running after getting a cyst in each knee.