Two questions of a newbie

From a guy who is not so into all the training science. said yesterday "Threshold HR +3 to 167 bpm from 1h at 167 bpm After doing dunderberg-3 (1,5h). Is that a Good or abd sign?
Following the graph i should have been able to Do a workout.
IT was a disaster. Horrible warmup, had Do stop After 20 Minutes.
Am i more fatigued than Has calculated

Thoroughly unscientific but I find very very little correlation between my nailing / failing a workout and where that pretty chart tells me how I should be feeling. It seems to think if there’s no / little red zone (Z5+) then you must be getting fresher which is nonsense, especially at the end of a loading block with accumulating fatigue. I notice your block last week didn’t have any red.

Thanks for your answer.
Last week i did only “easy” rides, the week before i had my best effort (oudoors). Maybe im really more fatigued than i think.
But my thought was the graph will give you some güde line🤔.
Well, lets have some Rest days😎

You were able to operate at a slightly higher HR threshold than you could before. It seems like a good thing to me, well done on the improvement :clap:

Sometimes the line between failing and passing is finite though. Another day with the knowledge you can operate towards this higher threshold you’ll nail it :+1:

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One of the problems is, that this tool can only look at your training. It does not know about the rest of your live (Sleep, nutrition, work stress, etc) Neither does it know how “fit” you are. Some people can recover much faster than others. Or can take a higher training load than others and so on. So I think in the beginning, it is important to go by feel. “listen to your body”. You can take a look on how much the graph corelates with your own perception and than going forward it might be useful tool.

You are right.
I was really irritated because dunderberg-3 was exhausting…i choosed a training today via train now…because im Not on a Plan at the Moment…
But hey, im Not a Professional, i can take it easy.

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Dunderberg-3 is tough and I wouldn’t put any weight to a recovery metric based on an arbitrary constant.

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