10 mile TT training

I must be mad, but probably 70% of my indoor workouts are done on my TT bike. (This includes pre TrainerRoad and now on TrainerRoad).

I am currently doing sweet spot base mid volume and “enjoying” it :wink:

Around Feb 19 / Mar 19 I want to really specialize for 10 mile Time Trials.

What do you suggest? I know there is a 40K TT plan, but I want something where the workouts are shorter but more intense.

How many short very intense workouts should I do each week when I do carry out a specific 10mile TT plan?

I want to really boost my power and mental toughness to be able to push on when it gets tough in real races.

None of my courses are perfectly flat, but none are very hilly. Most are flatish with the odd drag of 3% to 6% that may last for half to a full mile. I am not fantastic at powering up these draggy sections of 3% to 6% gradients and I feel I lose some time here.

I have been doing TT’s for just over 12 months. My 10 mile PB is currently 21 mins 15 seconds on a flatish course.

On a slightly more rolling course my 10 mile PB is 22 mins 29 secs

My tough but realistic goals for next season are 20 mins 30 secs for the flatter course and 21 mins 30 secs on the rolling course.

I also know I can improve aero a bit and that is being worked on too.

What should my speciality training consist of?

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How 'bout these? Stay in aero position and repeat as necessary.

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The physical demands of 10s and 25s are not significantly different. I would stick with the 40k plan

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I have to say that I’d largely agree with @Tom_Dean. If you follow the 40k plan your 10’s will improve.

However you could work into that progressions like Elwell-Sierra-Sonora from the triathlete speciality half and full plans. By the time you do Sonora it’s 35 minute period with 29 minutes of work spent at slightly over my best 10 mile TT power from last year. That could work OK for a build to a specific 10 you’re targeting.


You still need the variety of aerobic sessions and interval sessions, but for specificity you might want to throw a few 20min ftp tests in.


Thank you everyone. I appreciate your replies!!!

Should also consider the Sprint Triathlon plan?

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