Turbo Set Up for Thru Axles

Help! I need some tips on how to get my CX bike set up on my turbo. It’s not a direct drive so i need the heads on the skewers to clamp to and my CX bike is disc brakes/thru axle so I’m stuck.

Google tells me they do exist for turbos but how do I ensure compatibility? The bike is a Giant TCX SLR and trainer is Tacx Bushido.

Robert Axle Project


I’ve got a Kurt Kinetic one, but something to be aware of is that it needs a hex wrench and a spanner to fit/remove. Not an issue if you’re bike is solely for trainer use, but it’s a pain having to take those tools on rides if you use the same bike outside…

You should be able to get the axle out with just a hex. The axle threads into the frame. The nut on the other end is just to cover the threads so trainer can lock in, the key doesn’t actually tighten up with the nut, so it doesn’t need a spanner.

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