Tufo Clincher Tubular

Hey Guys:
So I mounted a set of Tufo’s on Mavic Open Pros. On the same 60 mile loop under similar conditions; 1: they roll as good as Conti 700x25 5000’s on the same wheels; 2: roll as good as Schwalbe 1 Pro Ones (tubeless) on SLR1’s.
The search of tubulars few have said they suck.
How many of you have tried these and what are your opinions?
Any expertise as to what difference clincher vs. clincher tubular has on the pressure they exert on the rims hook. Mavic does specify a max pressure for tire widths. Does that apply to clincher tubulars too? Customer support was non comital on that.
The tires are Hi-Composite Carbon 25. And all tyres in this blurb are 700x25mm.
Thank You

I don’t have any specific experience with them, but most reports (and pretty sure the lab data) indicate that they have very poor Crr.

If you are just using them for training, not an issue…but I would think twice for using them for any kind of performance-oriented riding.

They’re like running on garden hose if you want an honest opinion. There are quite a few Crr tests to back that up too. The only selling point of the tubular version is that you can plug them if you get a puncture.

Tubular clincher appears to be trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. All the bother of tubs without the convenience of clinchers. I guess they pre-dated road tubeless so who knows what they were thinking.


I didn’t even know they made these anymore… I ran a cyclocross version back in the early 2000s when Tufo was a popular choice and considered a high performance cx brand. Only issue with those was that I rolled a couple tires racing cx at very, very low pressure.

I can confirm the ride isn’t nearly as supple as most clinchers and not even in the same realm as a real race tubular like a Vittoria Corsa or Veloflex. Flip side is that they’re bomb proof because unlike a tubular there’s no latex tube. They’re basically tubeless. A butyl “tube” is bonded to the inside of the casing to hold air.

I actually picked up some used wheels with Hi Carbon 25 tubulars that were brand new this year. Same ride as my old Tufos but they’re just as durable as I remember. I ride with ~90psi on the road with a wide rim. Put some sealant in them and they’ll likely last a very long time for general riding. I’ll swap mine with Corsas next year but they’re race only wheels.