Tubeless road feel

I moved to tubeless tires (Roval CLX 50 with Continental GP5000 TL) and I don’t know why but I feel more comfortable with clinchers especially when cornering and in general with the bike handling and the response from the road.

I tried pressures from 50 to 100 psi.

Everything I read says that it should be the opposite.

Am I the only one?

I moved from Zipp Firecrest 404 clincher to Roval CL50 tubeless and it was a huge difference to me in term of comfort. I can’t tell that I saw a big difference when cornering tho. I now ride the GP5000TL 28mm instead of 25mm, and again, big step up comfort wise. The bike feel a little more “muted”, but to me, it is in a good way.

Can’t say I feel this.

You changed wheels too? Or you just changed tires from something to the GP5000TL?

On my same set of wheels I went from 25mm GP4000 to the 25mm GP5000TL. I didn’t feel a huge difference. The GP5000TL is not as tall and 1mm or so narrower so less volume overall. I think because of that the GP5000TL feels a little sharper.

With tubeless I feel I can ride them at 75/80psi. I was riding the GP4000 at 80/85psi and I felt that was a minimum to prevent pinch flats or rim damage.

The GP5000TL felt a little faster but, at most, it can only be maybe 5 watts per tire so maybe the feeling was more placebo.

I changed wheels also.

My guess is that you are feeling different wheels more than you are feeling the tires.

What psi do you run? 50 would be too low for 25mm tires, even 28mm tires IMO. I moved to an area with smooth roads and I’m back running my GP5000TLs at 80/85psi.

Did you have deep wheels before? I went from traditional wheels to deep 50mm wheels. They took some months to get used to. At first gusty days were a little scary but now I just ride them all the time and don’t think twice about it.

If it helps, I’m 70kg and rode the GP5000TL 25mm at around 75PSI and ride the 28mm at 58-62PSI on my Roval CL50.

I have exactly the same set up on 28mm’s. I think it has been close to 2 years but I felt immediate comfort at around 65-70- PSI depending on the terrain. The plus side is that I have never had to repair a puncture in that time.