Tuff start, slow to warmup !?

Hi everyone
I’m new to the forum, did a couple research and didn’t find anything.
Here’s my case…
At every group ride with hills, I can barely follow the other riders at the beginning.
My cardio is in the red zone !
It takes me time to warmup, like 10-15 km.
Like an old train needing to warmup ! Lol
I do not use a training plan for the moment.
Any tips ?
Thanks a lot

Can you ride to the start of your group ride to warm up? Or get there early and do laps nearby for 10-15 minutes before the start.

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Hi there!
Are you eating anything before the ride? if so, what and how soon before? Could potentially be a blood sugar thing.
Another thing to look at might be how you feel versus training later in the day- I know I’m really slow to warm up if I’m straight onto the bike first thing in the morning, so I try to allow a little more time if that’s the case. I can also be a bit more sluggish to start with if I’m carrying a lot of fatigue into the ride, or didn’t recover well after the last one- trying to spot patterns can be helpful. :slight_smile: