Tubolight inserts for Road Tires

For safety reasons I’m going to try Tubolight Road with my tubeless 26c tires.

Anyone with experience installing and using these on a road bike?

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Never touch wood had a problem with tubeless myself but those look interesting :+1:

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Are those “pool noodle” dense or “firm car seat bolster” dense foam?

I put the Vittoria gravel ones on my 38c tires. Getting them on, no big deal… getting them off…
You need to compress the foam with your fingers THEN try to get the lever in there. I couldn’t get the lever in there like normal.

Getting them on, it’s harder to get the 2nd bead over the rim as the foam prevents the center of the tire from flopping over as you install it.

Before you toss your spare tubes, I’d try riding the bike without air. Set the bead with air, then let the air out. Maybe put a hold in the noddle for air and sealant to pass through so you can set the tire easier.

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pool noodle density, with just a bit of give when finger squeezed.

Bad idea, and I would never do that. Even with a tubeless setup I usually carry two tubes and two CO2 cylinders.

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Yeah, pool noodle density - you need a tube.

Cushcore / Vittoria (heavier solutions) - you can probably just carry a plug kit/ inflation for shorter radius rides. My gravel bike has a DI2 port that I keep a ‘hard to access’ spare tube/co2 in. I won’t carry the ‘easy to access’ tube anymore.

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love to hear your experience after a few rides, I’m keen on those for extra safety. Cushcore on my MTB is awesome so I’ve been waiting for the road equivalent. Particular for the TT bike when I don’t have as many pockets to carry spare stuff!


Made my own. No time to ride them yet.
My wheel and tire combo makes them an absolute Mutha to mount.

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I’m planning to give those a try on my cross bike this year. Assuming there IS cross…

Using what? A high density pool noodle is still $30 and the wrong shape (SFI rollbar padding). Did you pour your own? A low density pool noodle isn’t going to do squat and get chewed up rather quickly

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Question barrage…

  • What are the safety reasons?
  • Are you afraid your tubeless tires are going to come off the rim?
  • Assuming so, are you hookless or hooked?
  • Would your safety opinion change if you were the other?

Double edit:

My experience: I’m on hooked tubeless for about 4k miles with no problems so far. I’m almost at the point of just never carrying a spare tube outside of crazy long rides since I’ve had such good luck so far. It has never crossed my mind that I could lose one off the rim.

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It’s happened twice on different tubeless tires, under different circumstances. Hooked tubeless rims.

Yikes. Which rims?

Backer rod. Not to bore with the details. But when I get the time I’m gonna dismount the assembly for a look see.


That was my immediate reaction when I saw the image above.

interesting thought… Might head down to the hardware store with a set of callipers :slight_smile:

Tubolight road are roughly 19.5mm diameter.

Thanks, window backing rod is 20mm. Might try some

One long rod joined with some tape:


Snapped it on without the tire. Let’s see if I can get the tire on.


The suspense is killing me :rofl:

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