Liners For Tubeless Road bikes

Hi. I’m transitioning to Tubeless on my road bike. I have been recommended the Vittoria Air Liner. But the reviews are pretty mixed. Any recommendations? Do I need liners? If so, which one? I’m thinking of installing Continental 30 on both front and back. Thanks!!

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my opinion here:

and the post that follows.

Same. They require extra effort but the run flat function and safety make it worth it for me.



Same here as well
Even with hooked wheels the small weight penalty and the initial effort to install them are well worth

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I went through the pain again last evening to change my tyre with liner. It’s always a horrible job, refilling sealant can be a pain too and you don’t really notice any benefit until you realise what could happen without them. So I keep going through the hassle and dare I say it getting better at it too.

Someone else here recommended fillmore tubeless valves and I think that these probably make life with airliners a little bit better

Thanks for the responses so far! Any particular brand that you would recommend?