Tubeless road tire 2023

It’ll be down to a lot of things, but I think my 5000TLs got over 6000miles out of them and still had the wear holes when I replaced them. I’ve just replaced my 5000 STR which replaced the front as although it had the wear holes still showing it had a tiny side wall p’ture that would blow frequently at plus 60psi (keep below 60psi and it was fine). I was still running a 5000 TL on the rear which had at a guess done 10,000 miles, whilst it hadn’t squared off it had lost its holes recently though.

I’ve used the Zipp Tangente, on AeroCoach testing its within 3W of of the GP5000 with latex tubes:

But I had some bad luck with the Zipp Tangente, a couple nails killed both tires. And then I moved on to try other tires.

The AeroCoach test results are for both tires, and imho more realistic testing than BRR. I’m only using BRR for puncture resistance data, and for cases where AeroCoach is unclear or haven’t tested.

The N.EXT have a ~10W penalty vs GP5000 but have sealed every nail/screw that I’ve pulled out. No flats, no tire patch on the inside, and more than 1600 miles without the pronounced flat spot that I get with Conti tires. Easier to install than GP5K S TR, it would be possible to remove on the road an insert a tube. Or put Air-Liners in them. Or use Silca sealant. I like them and at $52 a tire, would happily use them as a daily tire (have another set waiting to put on).

Love love love the road feel of S-Works RapidAir and the new T2/T5 tubeless too, but they cost a little more than Vittoria N.EXT.

Conti tires to me have always felt a little dead, less so on the 5000 series, and I’m not the only one to say that. However the GP4KSII were cheap and so I put up with fixing flats for 2 years before going tubeless. Thats my tire snobbery and wallet talking :rofl:

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sorry I misspoke above, could still see the wear dot on GP4KSII tires at 2000 miles but life is short and spending $400/year on tires was not a big deal. Because I’d start getting more flats due to the wear. It wasn’t a competition to see how many miles I can get on a pair of tires, rather a competition to replace and reduce the frequency of flats from wires/goathead-thorns/nails/screws once the tires started wearing down. Because nothing sucks more than having to fix a flat roadside. And the pronounced flat middle section on 4KSII made the tires feel even worse.

Which is of course why I went tubeless. And then proceeded to see major unfixable flats with 5000 TL, S-Works RapidAir, etc. Within 500-700 miles. Because of so much construction, and so many goathead thorns in this area. And because I (mostly) refuse to drive in my car to pristine roads, so I ride my bike on some heavily trafficked county highways to get to the more pristine roads.

So given I prefer to ride to the mountains, and ride to the ride start, a compromise on puncture resistance was required. So that compromise was to forgo 10W (both tires) aero/rolling resistance and use the new tubeless tires like N.EXT and S-Works Turbo T2/T5. But hey, I tried the S TR in 30c and it wouldn’t mount without violent effort on 3 different sets of wheels. And less puncture resistance than the 5000 TL that gave me ride ending punctures within 500-700 miles. Hard pass. And hey, I just bought a pair of S-Works RapidAir T2/T5 (26c only) that are in the same class as S TR and same price ($68 a tire at Excel). So I’ll keep giving the fast tires a try.

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I’ve still had great luck for about a year with my GP5000 S TR in a 32 on Hunt X-Wide wheels with a 25mm internal width and when I swap between those and Pathfinder Pros in a 42 with no problem.

I’m going to install new 32mm GP5000 S TR soon (had a wreck, off the bike for at least a week), these are still in the box so it will be my first attempt with new tires so maybe my experience will be different now.

Finally installed these last night, first impressions:

Awesome tires!

still loving these S-Works Mondo tires - ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’

Last night a group of 5 of us were cruising around 27mph, when the guy pulling made a sound like gun fire. Somebody yelled ‘flat’ and we all moved to the middle of the road. He was running Vittoria Rubino Pro with some crappy sealant, on Bontrager Aeolus RSL 37 wheels. Somehow hit a crack or small pothole just right, and sliced the sidewall. I handed him my tire boot and he was forced to put a tube in. Nothing like a sealant mess on the side of the road.

About 1/2 mile from where this happened in May:

that dude hit a pothole around 28mph and needed a plug to Pirelli Cinturato that I thought were indestructible.

Y’all that “don’t get flats” need to come out here and experience the joy of rolling 25+mph on truly crap :poop: country roads.

I got the 5000 TL as soon as it came out and got 4,000 miles out of my first rear tire. Since then, I’ve been getting more like 2000-2500 miles per tire. I don’t know what was up with that first batch.

The Lezyne patch kit is interesting. It seems like one could fabricate something similar with a bacon strip and a regular vulcanizing patch. If one’s vulcanizing patches don’t stick then you didn’t prepare the surface well enough.

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two weekends ago I got a small tear in the sidewall, plugged it and was able to ride home on lower pressure. Had to remove and patch, tire is fine now.

Got an OK price on these, and they were just delivered:

and some BRR specs on larger 35 versions of Mondo and AS TR, versus my previously tested Cinturator and N.EXT:

I like the sidewall number on the larger AS TR 35…

The Mondo is my favorite so far, on the BRR drum its +4W higher than AS TR.


Have you tried the Roubaix Pro 2Bliss? Thats what I currently have on my road wheels for my gravel bike (commuting, winter road riding and some mixed surface spring races). Seems like the rolling and puncture resistance difference between the Roubaix Pro and Mondo is negligible, looks like the TR AS is a little faster but have always avoided GP5000s as I fear the issues with trying to install a tube road side.

Interesting that the spec’d weight of the Mondo in 35c is supposed to be lighter than the Roubaix but measured weight of the Roubaix is lighter.

$15 CAD price diff between the two but not sure if I see the value in going Mondo over Roubaix.

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Anyone else had an issue with 5000 s trs weeping at the sidewalls?

Not new tyres, been on and ridden for about 800km, recently refreshed and topped up with mix of stans and Stan’s race, yet after being pumped up they are like a sponge with the water on the side of the tyre

Never had that problem my self what I have had the with the last two 5000s TRs is something cutting up the side of the tyre close to the tread. The result being the tyres hold pressure indefinitely at a circa psi, a bit more pressure (circa 70psi) though causes it an hour or so after it was pumped up to blow marginally until its back to that 60psi :neutral_face:

yes, last year, I really liked it except the tubeless version is size “30/32” and on my Terra wheels the measured width started around 34mm and after a month ballooned out to 36+mm. On my Tarmac SL7 that meant it started rubbing the chain stay if I stood up and put down 600+ watts. So I had to remove it, although the front tire saw 1200+ trouble free miles (however 9 out of 10 issues are rear wheel).

So far this year I’ve run these tubeless tires:

  • Pirelli Cinturato TLR in 28c (2800 miles)
  • Specialized S-Works 2BR T2/T5 in 26c (1600 miles)
  • Specialized S-Works 2BR T2/T5 in 30c (1400 miles)
  • Vittoria N.EXT in 28c and 32c (1700 miles)
  • Specialized S-Works Mondo in 28c and 32c (500 miles)

Issues encountered:

  • removing the Vittoria N.EXT 28c front tire was almost impossible without cutting, but not the 32c rear tire. On BRR review of N.EXT there is a comment about the same.
  • the S-Works Mondo rear 32c tire has now received 2 minor punctures (wire or thorn) that didn’t want to seal completely, and so last night (and 2 weeks ago) I had to slow roll home.

So far the Vittoria N.EXT have held up the best, if you take out the slow Cinturato tires that have proven to be indestructible on our roads.

All on Orange Seal Regular.

On some site (biketiresdirect?) I read comments that the AS TR was much easier to install, versus the S TR. I’ve got an upcoming gravel event in mid September, its not really gravel its dirt roads. Although I love the feel of the Mondos, I’m giving them a vote of no confidence because of the need to plug these tiny holes. Maybe another sealant would work, I dunno. Today I’ll remove the Mondos and put on the AS TR and see if a) they are easier to install vs S TR, and b) see how they hold up before the event. I can always put my spare Cinturato on the rear wheel if necessary.


The other one I would like to see BRR test is the Pirelli P Zero 4S Race TLR in a 32c I had good luck with the old tubed PZero 4S, given the performance of the 28mm P Zero Race TLR (speedcore), I wonder if the 32c 4S Race TLR would be in the ball park of 15 watts, ~76 puncture, 80 wet grip.

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The Mondos just came out on RRR :slight_smile: Specialized S-Works Mondo 2Bliss Ready T2/T5 35 Rolling Resistance Review

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Posted some Mondo vs other numbers above!

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It’s a shame that it’s so much, considering that it looks like a nice endurance tyre! 4 watts per tyre is quite a lot.

Btw, what are the initial thoughts on the GP5000 AS TR?

Was just 0.5w slower than regular GP5000, so was thinking of trying it next time :slight_smile:

I dunno, real roads are not steel drums. Honestly seeing some really fast times on the Mondos, at similar power on multiple tires. And they feel great. My issue with the Mondo is slow sealing of punctures from needles/thorns on the tread/sidewall border area.

Spent 4 hours working on my bike yesterday, only had time to bed in the brakes. I’ll get back to you after a week on the AS TR tires.


AS TR seem pretty good so far - had them on my summer commuting rims in London, probably only 1000 miles in so far. Seem more robust than GP5000 S TR and I definitely can’t tell the difference between them speed wise when switching back to my weekend wheels.


This is something I’ve wondered about. At the end of the day, what I’ve sort of decided is the steel drum matters, and matters a lot. It’s the only real controlled test for tires there is. And at the end of the day, a tire that tests 4 watts slower on a drum IS 4 watts slower on a drum. So whatever else is going on that might be determining tire speed, the slower drum tire effectively has a 4 watt hole to claw itself out of using whatever untested factors might be at play just to get back to even with the faster drum tire.

I dont see any reason to think the fastest drum tire isnt the most LIKELY fastest real world tire. The drum issue, IMO, just adds a bit of variation/mystery to the results…

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I wish they would also create a drum that has a rough surface equivalent to some of the crappy chip seal roads like I have here in Texas. Would be more realistic to mimic what I ride on everyday.