Question on 25mm tubeless tyre and psi choice

Hi all,

I have GP 5000 TL 25mm on a set of campagnolo bora ultra wto 45 (with 19mm internal rim width, 26mm external rim width).

I’m currently running the tyres at 80-85 psi on London roads and outside (Surrey, Kent etc). Body weight is 82kg, system weight is roughly 9-10kg with saddle bag and water bottles, so let’s say 92kg overall.

Which pressure would you run these tyres at? Is there a psi difference I should take into account between short ride (up to 100km rides), medium (100-200km) and long distance (200+ Km rides)?

I’m currently enjoying the 80psi mark as they seem much softer and to roll much better, however I wonder whether or not I could go as low as 75psi (or even further?) on 25mm tyres. I wouldn’t want to run into trouble….

What’s your advice/feedback? Also, I’m thinking of changing tyres as my current ones are quite worn out. Worth sticking to gp 5000 TL or should I try the schwalbe pro one TLE latest version (Addix compound) 25mm? I’ve read mixed reviews on the latter, including issues with air leakage and puncture problems…

Any thoughts? Thanks so much!

This is a good resource: SPPC Form - SILCA

Interestingly, the results they give are quite sensitive to how wide your tyres are when actually fitted to the rim (not the nominal tyre width). In your case, your pressures are a bit low unless the tyres actually come up wider than 26mm. That said, I’m about the same size as you and run mine down to high seventies PSI for longer rides and find it more comfortable.

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But this site doesn’t allow to say whether you have tubeless or tube tyres, so that’s quite strange…

My rule of thumb is to keep knocking out PSI until it starts to feel too soft…so try 75 and see how it feels.

I’m down to ~65psi on tubeless 28’s (actual width) at ~152 lbs.

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I have Schwalbe pro ones in 25mm, and run them at 60psi. I’m a bit lighter than you though.

The last week, I had a small leak that would only hold pressure up to 30psi. It felt a bit soft, but as the rear tyre, was still completely ridable. (Note - I rode over a piece of glass that jumped in my way🙄. No issues with the tyres otherwise.)

I’d try a couple of different pressures, and see how it feels. In general, i run mine a bit lower when it’s wet, or rhe roads rubbish, and higher for fast rides on good roads. Nothing to do with lengrh of the ride.

From the 5000 TL box, your 25x622 are in the second row.

if youre heading out to surrey imassuming the hills??

Knowing the state of barhatch and leith at the moment (including the downhill side!), and the general state of london/essex roads I wouldnt want to be going less than 80 - Im 10st 4 run 80 rear and 75 front on vittorias,

@Luca9121 we are essentially the same weight, and I also run the GP 5000 TL 25 mm. I started running mine at 80 PSI, then slowly decreased down to 70 PSI, with no noticeable difference.

I’m a wee bit lighter (59 kg) and I have seen my self at 20psi before I notice a bounce. My tact (or lack of) is to pump them up to 85psi and forget about them until I feel too much of a bounce which is usually around 40psi. Thankfully I ve never experienced a loss in performance that had made me worry about getting them to the right pressure.