TT training base phase - TT or road bike

When I get to specialist phase training I will focus on using my TT Bike. My thoughts are that the build phase could be done on my road bike and then take a ramp test on TT bike ahead of specialist phase.

Last season my FTP was 305 v 277 on TT bike, so a decent difference.

I am assuming that the build phase, is just that, and the type of bike and position does not matter too much.

Or am I missing something?!

A wise man said to me once “Do the majority of your training on the bike you will suffer most on”…

Unless you are the current TT World Champ, you will almost always put out LESS power in your aero TT position (but lower drag means you’ll go faster). What you are after is getting your body and muscles and breathing infrastructure (e.g. stomach) all set up and trained to produce the most power in that aero position. You want to be as natural in that position as you are toodling around on your hoods.

I’m doing the SS low base right now but I still do portions of each workout in a TT/aero position – even if it’s just 30 seconds at a time. Never too early to start.

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I’m just starting the Sweet Spot Base MV, did a disappointing ramp test this morning, and will do it all on my TT bike.

This will be supplemented by outdoor rides on either road or gravel bike. My aim is to get the same power on road and TT.

@relaxdel Coming from a Triathlon background, I all my training/testing in base & build in a upright position. Once I go to the Specialty phase, I train exclusively in the TT position. That gives 8 weeks of specific adaptation and muscle memory in that position upto my event. That gives me the ability to ride well at 85% of my FTP.

I remember @chad saying in a Podcast that he had his best TT times when he only trained the position specifically leading up to the race. That may be because he is a well trained TT rider or that is the best methodology but that has worked for me too.

did you find 8 weeks long enough to adapt to the position when you first tried that approach?

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I am sure this was covered in one of the two podcasts from this week (numbers 175/176) In my opinion and I think this was echoed by the coaches is that specificity is king.
If u r a TT rider most/all of the training is best done on that bike. As mentioned it will train all systems (muscles, breathing, position etc) in the race position allowing for the best result!

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My training bike replicates my TT bike in terms of saddle, position relative to cranks etc. However, I do not train in aero tuck but it doesn’t take long at the start of the season for my aero power to get close to my non-aero power (there’s usually about a 4-5% difference). I find the aero tuck on the turbo really difficult whereas I easily stay in position for 50M and 100M TTs and for most of 12hr events on the road.

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@Shane_James Yes…I was able to hold 80% of 85% of my FTP for 2 hours 39 mins in my first 70.3. I only broke position on feed zones and a couple climbs. If I was going to add anything it would be a little strength work on the traps and rhomboids area to mitagate overall fatigue resistance.

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