Improving my TT bike position

I am looking to play a little with my TT position. It should be safe and thus only small steps.

I’m relatively far back (bike fit). I’d like to try to come forward a little, this should open up my hip angle a bit more. If I understand right this means I should also go up a bit? Does anyone have a resource for how to go about this?

A bike fitter?

You want to keep the distance from bottom bracket to your sit bones the same (assuming your saddle is currently at the right height). As you move the saddle forwards you’re also bringing it slightly closer to the BB, hence the need to raise it to maintain the same effective saddle height.

So just measure the current distance from BB to the point on the top of the saddle where you think you sit. Then move the saddle forwards. Then measure BB to saddle distance again and move up a bit as necessary. Of course moving the saddle up also moves it back a bit as well…

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