TSS on trainer vs Outdoor

Hi, if you remove the Z1/coasting, will TSS generated on trainer and outdoor be almost equal?. Or should i do 15-25% longer rides outdoors to get same training effect as on trainer.

Or try to limit the coasting outdoors. I know @brendanhousler from Evoq likes to talk about this, makes a lot of sense!

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No hills here so my coasting is aprox 0%, so then training time/TSS should be almost the same.

Should be (assuming same mix of intensity of course). I do all my indoor rides in erg mode so there’s nowhere to hide, in comparison I find even my most structured and disciplined outdoor rides tend to have a little more cruising and coasting time in there, whether it’s externally inflicted (descents, corners, traffic, lights, etc) or just me easing up for a few pedal strokes to get a drink, freewheeling through a bumpy stretch of road, etc.

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Ofcourse, I just wondered since I’ve read that it is 25% more effective riding indoors, but i guess its mostly because of the coasting then and not the “micro” breaks in the pedalling we get from cycling outdoors on a bike going forwards.

try for 10% or less of z1 on endurance rides; it’s tough outdoors!

Agree, but i see when i set out on solo effective 75-90min Z2 rides i can keep it to 2-3% Z1/Coasting. And again, i live on a very flat island with few obstacles.

in your situation I’d say indoor would have some small gains in time efficiency, mostly because of whatever obstacles (cars, traffic lights, wind) that interfere without getting out to the area without obstacles. Similarly, its flat here and I can find long stretches of roads and paved trails without major obstacles although the country roads do require slowing for gravel on turns. And we have a lot of wind, that can make portions of a z2 ride briefly turn into a small burst of z3/z4/z5. But I don’t sweat those details, and see roughly similar times between indoors and outdoors.