TSS discrepancy?

I’ve just completed Sierra +1 and the post-workout data shows a TSS of 96. However, when I study the workout closer and add up the TSS for the individual intervals and recovery segments (in other words, the entire workout), the total TSS comes to 77. Where does the remaining 19 come from? What am I missing?

I would have said the from the warmup, cooldown and recovery sections where the power level is below the threshold for interval power in the workout design, but if you have included those, then that’s not the answer

I’ve had this happen as well. Additional time has been added to the workout but between the app and the online analysis, I have a discrepancy. image

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TSS isn’t additive like this. It’s not surprising at all that it didn’t work out.

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No, I’ve included those by clicking and dragging along the respective segments and seeing their TSS in the summary box to the right of the workout graph.

Built that in non-TR workout creator and got TSS of 96 :man_shrugging:

Actually, if you look closely, you see that the planned TSS is different between app and desktop too.

Send them a ticket…


App and web both show 96 TSS. As does rebuilding outside of TR.

However per your comment I didn’t look at TR app on laptop…

Sorry, bbarrera, my response was a little cryptic: I was looking at the two screenshots that Lactobicyclist provided.

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That depends on how you calculate it:

You cannot just take the length of the interval and calculate TSS as normal and add them up.

They way it should be done, but clearly isn’t here, is to take the rolling TSS total at the end of the interval and subtract the rolling TSS total at the start. That way you get the change in TSS across the timeframe in question.