Trying to find an old cycling shopping website

I ordered favero assiomas several years ago and I’m trying to find my original invoice. I know this is super nondescript but it’s a website very much like roadrunner sports where, instead of running clothes and shoes, you can pay a monthly fee and have access to some pretty large discounts on cycling gizmos like trainers, power meters, etc. I remember the overall color scheme was black and red, and it was “performance cycles” or “pro cycles”.

Is anybody familiar with a website like that? I’ve been digging around for a couple of hours and can’t find it for the life of me.

In Florida? Can’t recall the name of the company, pretty sure they shut down and disappeared.

That would definitely make sense why I can’t find it anymore. It used to hit the top of my search bar pretty quick when I searched for “VIP Cycling gear”.

That site I’m thinking of, it only charged a one-time fee.

Clever Training?!

This one?

Clever Training?