True Grit Epic 50 Data fields

Next weekend I am riding True Grit Epic 50. The race is 45+ miles of very rocky technical trails in Santa Clara, UT. I am using a Garmin Edge 820 and a Stages non-drive power meter. I was wondering what data fields might be helpful to track on the screen. I know I will not be looking frequently.
Elapsed time for nutrition reminders is one, wondering what anyone else who has done more techy endurance races would suggest as data fields that might be helpful to maximize efficiency.
Expecting to finish in a little over 4 hours.
Thanks for the help!

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That’s sweet. Have a great race.

I’d suggest normalized power since you risk burning too many matches in long rides like this and putting in hard efforts on tech stuff might sap you for the other climbs. Seems like controlled suffering is still the order of the day. Check out Brian Schworm’s power profile for the 2016 100 miler (he crashed out unfortunately) to see an example.

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How did it go ?