Triathlon - Anyone gone from using a coach to a TR plan?

Interested to hear if anyone has gone from being coached to following a TR plan? If so, how did you find the transition and is there anything you would change/do to make it smoother?

Currently have a coach who I pay a decent amount of money for but not necessarily enjoying the sessions and therefore looking to change things up a bit to find my mojo again. Motivation is low at the moment and tempted to use a TR Triathlon Plan with a bit of subbing in some swim/run workouts I enjoy to get cracking again.

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I race XC MTB, and switched from a coach to Trainerroad about 5 months ago. I thought it was a smooth transition for the most part because all my coach did was give me workouts and analyze data, which is exactly what Trainerroad does. One thing I did notice is that you have to keep yourself accountable. It’s much easier to slack off without a coach, but as long as you keep yourself in check you’ll be fine. I know its kind of a scary transition but it really works!

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I’ve never had a coach (for biking and running at least), but if by “enjoy” you mean literally enjoy, no.

I am actually doing just this. I have been coached for several years but I am finiding that I am not getting enough personalization; my coach (regardless of how many times I tell him) doesnt seem to get my schedule right. Moreover, it seems like I am getting whatever the rest of his clients get, which drives me crazy. The progression and phases also doesnt seem logical (if he even thinks about it). I am a coach as well so maybe I am just frustrated that I am not getting the same level of attention and detail that I provide so I might as well coach myself. I also know my schedule so can schedule things based on what I know to be my low stress work days or my good days for training. I also like the autonomy.

Anyway, I am taking matters into my own hands. I am using the TR plan builder for the bike but modifying the swim and run and adding in strength of course. I know what i need to do in those so disciplines so I can take the alloted time that TR gives me and make it work roughly.

It will be a smooth transition I think.