Trek-Segafredo rider shoots and kills innocent cat

Would we? Why?

I am making the assumption that, like most of the people with an opinion on the event, he has the wherewithal to choose what he consumes.

Unconscionable amounts of animal products intended for human food are thrown away each day, but that’s OK - as long as its not little Mittens from next door - SHES TOO FLUFFY!!


Well, I walked right into that one and you’ve convinced me. Household pets are on the menu!


So is your issue waste or eating meat? You are now making two different arguments.

And it isn’t like there also isn’t a crapton of plant-based food getting wasted everyday as well.


Haha I appreciate the humour!

But in the interests of straightforward candour, it does interest me how ‘we’ differentiate between what is considered ‘food’, ‘pet’, and ‘pest’ and society reacts accordingly.

@Power13 - I’m not taking issue with anything, I merely get bemused with the societal reaction to a single dead cat when tonnes of animals are not only killed, but killed and then thrown away on a daily basis…


Your posts suggest otherwise….


No - observational comments.

Cognitive dissonance is a mental conflict, that occurs when your beliefs don’t marry with your actions.


Belief: Killing animals is bad.
Action: I eat animals.


This may not be a popular view, but the part of suburban US where I live it seems okay to let your cats run loose to do whatever cat things they’d like once they’re out of your sight and away from home. I don’t really care what your cat does at your house, but if I wanted a cat hanging out at my house or in my yard, I’d have a cat. It’s a cruel world out there. One thing I’m pretty sure about is that if you keep your cats at home, they’ll be a lot less likely to come to harm from environmental factors like cars, coyotes, or professional cyclists.


Not certain why you are replying directly to me, but……

So that means it is OK to kill them? Seriously?



Not a popular view - but an accurate one.

Free range domestic cats kill billions of birds and mammals every year…

Cat eat birdy - nevermind, cats will be cats!!
Coyote eat catty - no good!! Pitchforks.

Can we merge with an FTP thread or unpopular opinions?!

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The guy is a psychopath. Cant imagine how anyone would want to work with him.


They do not employ him for his morals, they pay him for his legs and cardiovascular system, and genetics.


No, they pay him to represent their brands and companies. He is a reflection of them as a result.


He is a professional cyclist. The people picking the riders are not the people designing kits or choosing sponsors. They are the people looking at the numbers. Some teams do personality tests at training camps or for riders. Trek are definitely not one of those teams.

He’s done something really bloody stupid, but he’s also apologised, taken responsibility and shown remorse. I don’t view it as having anything to do with his ability to ride a bike.

Taken from this rider’s profile on the Trek-Segafredo webpage : “I would go to the wilderness in America because I really love nature and would love to visit America.” (in answer to the question : " If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go, and why?")

His love for nature clearly doesn’t include cats.

As for myself : I’m the proud owner of two cats (or more accurately : they own me). Their territory is restriced to my garden, so no innocent birds or mamals fall victim to them. I love them to bits.

If I were his teammate, I would find it very hard to sit next to him during breakfast, notwithstanding the fact that I would enjoy some nice crispy bacon with my eggs. Yes, I’m that kind of hypocrite :slight_smile:

Goes to show that idiots can be found in all walks of life. No matter what he’ll accomplish in the world of cycling, I’ll never root for this guy. Also because when I watch cycling on TV, my two cats are always purring on my lap.

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I read this too quickly as “mamils” and was worried I might be on the menu!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Haha, sorry for my misspelling! (english is not my native language)!

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Didn’t mean to poke fun at your spelling!! Only that I had this image in my head of your cat hunting me in my neon yellow cycling jersey :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I understand your reasoning but was if it was someone’s pet, it’s usually more of a bond than used for food. I’ve hunted and there’s not much of a bond when killing a deer used for food.
Now if you have animals/ pets whatever you want to call it
you’re saying it’s okay for someone too shoot them?

Well, this went impressively far afield! But shooting a cat is a pretty easy one ethically.

That cat was someone’s pet and family member (a local government official, in fact) so they’re probably going to have to explain to their child why Fluffy isn’t coming home again. This is clearly NOT the norm in the area where Tiberi lives because he was, in fact, brought into court and fined, likely with more personal consequences to follow. How do we arbitrarily distinguish pets from wild animals? They’re loved, they’re taken care of, and they’re family members.

But if an outdoor cat gets eaten by a coyote or other predator? :person_shrugging: That’s nature. I live in a very rural area where we are quite aware of the local coyotes (howling and occasional pets eaten) and bears (mess-making compost and garbage raiders, occasional poachers of chickens and goats). If you let your animal out at night in the woods, all bets are off. We have a ~110 lb dog that regularly chases off bears, but we keep him very close at night because of the coyotes, just in case.