Trek Emonda, T47 BB and a Quarq Riken powermeter... any solution?

Well… my new bike came today. Bought an Trek Emonda SL 6. I want to fit my old Quarq Riken powermeter but i´m having some problems with finding the right BB.
Trek is using the T47 bottom brackets, right now there is a 24mm t47 in the frame. I would need a gxp t47 BB.
Now the problem is, it has inboard bearings and the inside of the powermeter is rubbing. (take a look at this: Crankset Compatibility Issues)
This means the inboard bearings wont fit and I would need the outboard bearings. Well… the spindle has a 90mm width so that wont fit aswell.

Can anyone help me out? Or will this mean I will need to get a new powermeter… :frowning:

Chris King may work for you

Here you go - this or a wave spring on the drive side… (affiliate link)
These will sit between the BB seal and the crank, pushing it out a bit. You might need to adjust your front derailleur. Wave spring is probably the way to go.

You can just put a GXP BB adapter on the left side if you can pull the bearing (or get it inside via the storage compartment). It’s just 1mm walled donut adapter that sits inside in between the left bearing and the crank spindle- GXP was made to use these. You gotta put it in from the inside though. If there’s a plastic tube in there between the bearings, just cut it out - it’s mostly there for show.

You’ll need to do some double checking for fit; you’ll need to make sure the adapter is pushing the drive-side out just a touch, as the left side tells the right side where it’s supposed to be. You probably can’t use the seals from these kits, but you’ll need a wave spring mentioned above.

Going full crazy, you can fit a SRAM BB30 crankset and BB30 bearings if that somehow makes sense. The 3 and 8 bolt SRAM GXP interfaces equal the BB30. You can use any crank with a detachable spider that matches 3-to-3 or 8 bolt pattern. You can probably also sell the Riken setup for $400 and get pedals.

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Wow thanks @stevemz and @jfranci3 !
I’ll give the adapter and washer a try. Hopefully it will save me some bucks :slight_smile: