Treadmill/trainer electrical question

I’m in the US in a home built in the early 2000s. I’m thinking of adding a home treadmill. Currently i power a fan, my laptop, and a tv on one outlet plug and have my H3 plugged into the other plug. Does any have have an idea if i can plug a treadmill into the socket i currently run my h3 on and add the h3 to the power strip that the other itms are on?

A response of “get an electrician” is a perfectly valid response :slight_smile: just curious if anyone else has this setup not blow the fuse box everytime both units are in use at the same time

We did call an electrician after our treadmill kept tripping the breaker about half the time we used it. He recommended installing a new circuit with higher rating because of the potential damage from the repeated trips. Right now it’s on a 15 amp breaker without a lot of other high draw appliances on the circuit.

Our house was built in 2005 in Nevada. I think some treadmills might draw less current, but with the experience we’ve had, I’d be a little worried.

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While someone may have the same devices as you, no one will have the same circuit.

Each device should have a tag on it with wattage and/or amperage numbers. You can do the math and add them all up, but, that assumes you know how many amps your circuit is and if there is anything else drawing on that circuit. This goes for your powerbar as well.

With nothing else on your circuit you should be fine but… No one here will have a certain answer without knowing how your house is wired, what is happening at your panel, and if that stuff is still in the same condition it was when it was installed.

I’m a “yolo” sort of guy and as long as I don’t trip a breaker at the panel or at the powerbar I’d call it good.

If you’re continually tripping breakers you have an issue.

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Bicycle trainers are very low power devices. Treadmills are not. The motor ratings are usually pretty aspirational (i.e. total lies), but they can still pull a lot of power when starting up. Your circuit is probably a 20A circuit and no home trainer should pull more than 15A so unless you’re using a plasma TV or something, this will probably work, but there’s no guarantee without measuring.

No real need for an electrician unless it turns out all this does blow the circuit, in which case you might need one to have another circuit added.

Your two outlets could very well be on the same circuit. Often nearby outlets are wired on the same circuit protected by the same breaker. Most treadmill manuals specify that you should use a dedicated circuit for your treadmill because it can draw 15 amps, and having another load can overload the circuit if it’s 14 gauge wiring, as is often the case in residential settings. If you don’t have one available, you would need an electrician to wire you one.

In my home, we have a 15amp circuit in the pain cave which easily handles (simultaneously) my son’s NordicTrack treadmill, a Kickr/SB20, Mac Mini, 2x TV’s and 3x Lasko fans. There’s other stuff in our ‘cave’ which is powered too, but not always drawing big amps – like our mini fridge.

Don’t overthink it. Plug everything in (not on a bazillion extension cords or power strips) to your normal wall outlets and see what happens. I think it’ll be fine.