Travelling with DI2

Still a few months away but i’m soon going to be looking at packing my bike into it’s box and going in search of some winter sun. It will be the first time that i’ve travelled with DI2 and was wondering, is there any specific need to unplug the battery?

The reason i ask is that (with my old bike at least) i’m able to pack the bike away without removing the seatpost. It probably seems a bit lazy but removing the seatpost just to unplug the DI2 seems like a bit of a hassle when considering that it opens up the possibility of losing additional cables/clamps/bolts etc that have a nack of going wondering when not where they should be.

just wondering if anyone knows of anything that says batteries must be disconnected or if anyone has travelled without unplugging the battery before?

i will take the charger with me so battery drain wouldn’t be of any concern.

If you just unplug the derailleurs it’ll do the same thing as unplugging the battery but easier and faster to disconnect/reconnect

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There might be a slight problem with lithium batteries in the hold of a plane. If you tell them that is.