Air Travel with SRAM Force AXS

First time travelling with the gravel bike by air and wondering if I should be taking out the coin cell batteries in the shifters and the power meter. It’s a long haul flight so the bike will be moving for a good 16hrs or so. I’d definitely take the derailleur battery off and carry with me but curious what people do with the shifters. I guess then on the other end it’s just a matter of pairing the shifters and derailleur again?

Appreciate the tips!

We flew Canada-France with SRAM Force earlier this summer. Took ALL batteries out (shifters and PM in addition to derailleur). Didn’t need to repair on the other end.

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I’ve flown with mine, never removed the batteries.


I’ve always removed the derailleur batteries, but never the coin batteries in the shifters. Never had a problem.

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What’s the supposed benefit of taking out the coin cell batteries?

Thanks for the responses. I suppose most airlines have restrictions on batteries that are in checked luggage and while these are small most rules suggest they need to have a on/off switch. I know SRAM suggests removing the derailleur battery so that you don’t arrive with a dead battery, I guess the question I have is could that happen (due to motion or somehow having a lever depressed) over a long haul flight.

It only takes a few seconds to remove and if you don’t have to repair on the other side seems like a good idea. (not sure how or if they can detect batteries in luggage)

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Coin cell batteries don’t have enough lithium in them to qualify as restricted/regulated items.


Thanks @cory.rood, that was my read too. I guess it’s just weather you want to possibly have a dead shifter when you arrive unless the shifters go to sleep permanently unless there is an active derailleur?

I don’t think the shifters “wake up” due to movement. Pressing the shift button wakes it up just long enough to transmit the shift, then it shuts off. The worst case shipping is probably if the shift button gets pressed repeatedly or held-down in the packaging. Certainly my canyon axs bike arrived with the coin cells already installed in the shifters.

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Thanks @gcarver, that makes sense and interesting to hear that Canyon ships the bikes with the batteries in the levers. Was there any special protection around the levers in the packing?

I don’t believe the coin batteries are “on” unless you are actively pushing one of the controls. The derailleurs have to be always “listening” for a signal to do something, but the shifters are just transmitters so aren’t active unless they are being used. That’s a major reason the batteries last so long if I’m not mistaken.

Kinda. The bars are 3 parts, and it ships separated. The ends are separated (but linked by the hydraulic cables) and the shifters are stuffed in a cardboard shroud. Mostly I think it’s just to keep it all from rattling around and damaging the cables. Here’s a picture:

Thank you @gcarver picture is worth a thousand words. I am using a evoc bag for travel so will make a judgement on how easy it might be to depress a button and bring spare batteries just in case. I’ll also probably remove the battery from the power meter as it’s motion sensitive. (usually they ship with it being disconnected)