Traveling for 5 weeks. Need workout advice

I’m leaving in few days for a 5 week trip. I currently ride about 8 hours a week and my FTP hovers right around 300. Most of the trip will be fairly remote and I’ll have little, if any, access to a bike …but it looks like I’ll have occasional access to a hotel gym with LifeCycle type bikes. Taking a bike along with is not an option. I’ve planned to lead into the trip with a fair amount of intensity and will be looking forward to a recovery for at least the start of my time away.

I’m hoping for suggestions for TR workouts for those days I can get on the LifeCycle. Which workouts would you suggest to limit loss of fitness? I know I’ll never maintain but I’m just hoping to limit my fitness losses as much as possible.

The last 2-3 weeks will be backpacking so that should provide at least some fitness. Sadly, I can’t do any running due to a back surgery 10 years ago. Any other workout suggestions also welcome!


why not just do the ones that are in your TR plan while you have the bike, then hike your face off and come back home to the bike?


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