TransAtlantic Way 2019 - Dot Watching

Race kicked off about 8 hours ago, riders basically find their own way to Londonderry then they follow the prescribed route to the end. Most taking the same route to Londonderry but you can see a handful are trying something different. Even with just 8 hours on the clock there’s already over 100km difference between the guys are the front and back!

Casual observations - big number of guys around the 50yr old to 65 mark! Rider in 3rd place at the moment is Jason Black 48years old and is quite accomplished as an adventurer. Won an ultra in Ireland before from what I can tell on his website, so I bet he’s in this to win. Most popular bike? Canyon Endurace. Loads of 'em! Something I couldn’t find any info on was about it being a time trial and not a race as such. Were the start times staggered? I couldn’t see anything about it but the dot watcher site alluded to it.

Very early days but will be massively interesting to see how the older guys do against the young pups.

Can dot watch here if interested in ultra racing: