Training to Save His Son’s Life with Cam Summerson - Successful Athletes Podcast 004

Cam Summerson explains how TrainerRoad helped him get fit enough to donate a kidney to his son, in Episode 004 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

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Topics covered in this episode:

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Ha! This is awesome!! I remember in the early days of the forum Cam posted about his journey and efforts which garnered a lot of positive attention (and teary — but manly! — reactions).

Well done TR for featuring one of your own and for reasons beyond race results.


This is awesome, I followed the original thread as well, and of course puts most of us other dads to shame

I look forward to being featured in the future Moderately Fit Individual podcast!


Big love to TrainerRoad for having me on and allowing me to tell our story in such an intimate way. Parts of it were hard to get through, but it was surprisingly cathartic for me.


That’s a great episode. Cam is great sound and has a great story!


Great job Cam!


Great episode. Well done Cam.


Great job @summerson and @Jonathan !

Having a child with medical needs adds a new perspective to our lives. Thanks for being vulnerable and candid about your journey.

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Best episode of Successful Athletes so far. I watched on YouTube and meant to just have it on as background while I worked the other day, but once I understood @summerson’s situation, it had my full focus. Thanks for sharing your story! Best of luck as you continue to help your son in his life’s journey!

Very poignant too to watch @Jonathan’s reactions!

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Thank you! Thanks to everyone who has watched or listened so far.

I watched it yesterday (always have to criticize myself—I fidget too much when I talk), and I noticed this immediately. @Jonathan’s reactions were so honest and real. I didn’t notice it when we were recording, but I did when I rewatched and it really means a lot to me. I could tell he was right there with me.

I appreciate this sort of comment more than you realize. It’s hard to re-visit those memories because it’s like reliving it all over again every time. It literally doesn’t get easier. I knew about the podcast for about a month before we recorded and used that time to work through how I was going to approach things without breaking down. You can hear the hardest parts in my voice, but it’s never something I want to shy away from. I want to tell Ax’s story. I want people to know how amazing he is and how hard he works still to this day.

I sincerely appreciate all the comments I’ve gotten—here, on Twitter, IG, etc. This community is incredible.


I want to listen to this podcast but I can’t find it on Stitcher (my podcast app). I know I can just use YouTube but I like having a playlist of podcasts all in one hub. Is it not available (yet)? Or am I just incompetent (entirely possible)? Thanks!

I think the rollout is slower to some podcast apps than others. It just started showing up for me on Google Podcasts yesterday.

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This is one of the most remarkable and inspiring stories I have listened to in a long time. Having three small children myself made me shed a few tears whilst listening.