Training Schedule Help!

Hi! I’m doing build phase (wk2) of the LV Rolling Road Race plan.
Usual schedule of my training rides is T-TH-S and putting M and W/Sun as my Z2 ride.
However, I’m missing my group rides now. :slight_smile: and I want to test my FTP with my mates.

My group ride usually takes place every TH and Sun. My TSS during these rides is between 200-300.

How can I fit even at least one group ride on my current training schedule? do I need to skip my Z2? or just replace one of the training rides with group rides? or just suck it up and finish the plan?

here is my this weeks plan. i did ride the group ride that messes up my schedule.

I think Thursday would be a reasonable group ride slot, replacing the interval session (which, I think you’re dong too many of)). Sounds like the group ride could be hard, so you would then recover on Friday and get back on it over the weekend.


Is that not a MV plan (5 workouts), a LV plan has 3workouts (at least the 40kTT one does). For a similar reason I swapped to a LV plan I had been doing a MV plan and just dropping work outs and having a rest day or Z2 day the day before a group ride. Support reckoned that a LV plan and adding would cope better with AI for me.
FWIW, My LV schedule is usually

M - HIIT (Threshold/ Over Unders etc)
Tu - Cycle commute (11 hilly miles each way usually at Tempo I always intend to make it Z1/2 but never do :joy:) or WFH restday
W - HIIT (Threshold/ Over Unders etc)/ dropped sometimes for a circa IF0.75-0.85 Group ride (I’ll associate it with a tempo workout with bursts)
Th - HIIT (Threshold/ Over Unders etc)
Fri - Rest Day
Sat-Group ride (IF circa 0.66) - Not Matched
Sun-Gravel group ride (IF less than 0.5) - Not Matched

Yes, this is an LV plan. just added Z2x2 rides on rest days for volume as advise on other threads. I’m not really sure if I will remove one of the Z2 rides or skip the threshold session since the group ride is a bit challenging.

Gotcha. Principally my/TR’s approach (stepping down from a MV plan to a LV one) was to ditch the Z2 rides whilst maintaining the higher intensity stuff. I do occasionally though substitute a hard group ride/ TT for a threshold session or after a hard weekend move my Monday HIIT session to another day or skip it if there isn’t one.

I consider group rides as intensity days so I would replace your Thursday scheduled ride with the group ride. If you decide on the Sunday group ride, I’d replace the Saturday ride with Z2 to be fresh enough for the group ride on Sunday. Only exception I think is if it’s your last week of the training block, I’d be ambitious and do the Saturday workout and Sunday group ride the next day.