Training Room advice

I’ve got my Turbo setup in the conservatory, alls good, Tacx Neo, With Wahoo headwind and a couple of small other fans, gets a bit warm in summer but can move it easily

I have a de humidifier running, but my problem is that this time of year in the UK I get lots of condensation on the floor, the DH seems to stop it on windows, but not the tiled floor, is there a simple trick that I am missing, or do I have to live with fans, de humid and a quick mop after

Can you increase air circulation in your conservatory? I think it’s likely an issue with the humidity in the air and the cooler temperature of the tiles. Perhaps a small heater that can warm the tiles would help but I am it sure there is a good solution that does not require running a heater or another humidifier 24/7.

Are these sweat puddles or condensation from your work raising the ambient temp? Towels on floor could help the former …

Partner doesn’t particularity like me opening the windows and doors, although they are happy with the bike setup in there 24/7. it’s quick to remove when people come around, opening the windows and doors makes it super cold and can’t be used for other things, did clark 1.5 hours ago, she’s in there reading now

Might try turning the heater on earlier and getting another fan aimed at the floor

No it’s condensation, it’s just a 3x3 but the entire floor becomes ‘moist’ after I raise the ambient tempature

That makes sense. Raising the ambient temp is increasing the dew point.