Training plan after ACL reconstructive surgery

Hey all! I’m currently flat out on my couch after left knee ACL reconstructive surgery (bone - patella - bone graft) yesterday morning. I injured the knee back in August and it took this long to get a diagnosis and then surgery. That being said, I was training regularly right up to a couple weeks before my surgery. Additionally, my physio had me working on a pre-op strengthening plan that worked on quad and glute strength. I am following my physio’s advice and rehab program carefully, and I have to wait to get biking until I have full extension and 120 degrees of flexion. What have other’s done to return to on the bike training following this type of procedure? How low of volume and intensity should I do in order to get back to racing for CX season? I do have a 4iii powermeter on the non drive side.
Thanks for the advice in advance!

Please don’t crowdsource medical opinion, there’s nothing to be gained. See your PT professional, they will steer your correctly.


I don’t disagree with AndrewL, your Surgeon or Rehab specialist is best to give you advice particular to you. But I found this site really useful for some macro advice and really useful in managing my expectations - YMMV.

Thanks for the link! Similar to many topics on the forum, I’m looking for folks past experience with this major knee surgery. I am closely following my PT and surgeon’s direction for rehab and recovery. However, the benefit of a community like the TR forum is the ability to hear wisdom from those who have gone before.

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