Training plan advice for BMX

As a 63yr old took up BMX racing (Cruiser class) last year because my 5yr old grandson called me out.

My short 10yr history as an adult rider had me doing just road and ‘racing’ TT as the few Crits I entered had folks sending out the cadaver dogs looking for me I was so far out the back.

I come into the training year late and am looking to improve my competitiveness, or lack there of really, so Im at least on the same final straight as the 51+ crowd.

Looking at the plans there isn’t a specific BMX plan. I was thinking on doing the Crit plan and substitute one Anaerobic workout for the ‘hard Tuesday / day 1 of the week’ workout. Volume / Z2 work when it warms up won’t be an issue; Ive got nothing but time. The only restriction is Form / TSB.

Does that seem like a good idea or are there any other thoughts or recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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Take a look at the Gravity specialty plan. It’s a lot of anaerobic work which might fit the bill.

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Thanks! Looks perfect… for the non- sprinter type I am. My preference is a 40K TT which is opposite of what BMX is about.

I’m also a TT guy that started racing BMX again with my 5 year old son this last year after a 30 year hiatus. I don’t use any specific TR plan and mainly focus on hard start sprints and 30-60 second power. At 43 I have improved all of my short power numbers. Obviously the other secret is just getting in laps on the tracks. The riding is so unique you can’t really replicate it off of a bmx track.

Our state championship final is this weekend.



I think it’s worth mentioning,if you wanted to do a full season; base, short power build. Then check out for specialty the maintenance plan or time crunch 45 plan. Also maybe keep the hard days to an 1hour or 45 minutes, then possibly add some endurance rides on top of that.
I rode Bmx most of my life and ride gravel and mtb these days. I would love to get into racing, but the closest track is 45 minutes away. They’re supposed to build a certified USA BMX track within the next couple years In the city I live in.

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Thanks. I’ve been indoor training since Dec and have a decent base (CTL ~65) however I was concentrating on sustained power for TTs. Now that some of the TTs around have been cancelled I decided to see if I can up my sprint bits and perhaps podium in Gold Cup come fall.

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Great picture!
That’s the hard part for me. I still can hardly stand at the gate and get 30-footed all day long. I maybe got track time 15 times last year.

Good luck to you both. It’s a great way to make memories. I sure have with the grandson.

Early 3yr old. Who knew they raced bikes with no pedals eh? I found that “bike” data thrift shop for $7 and he was all over it as a 2yr old.

Then later as a 3yr old on a Strider with pedals.

States last year. He was 6 Inter Champ and I was 61+ Cruiser Champ and 55+ Class 2nd place.
Grandson took 3rd in State the year before (2022) which is when he called me out.


This is awesome, congratulations!