Training on a Low Residue Diet - Crohns disease

Looking for Advice

I have Crohns disease and have to now follow a strict low residue diet.
I am concerned about getting ALL the necessary fuelling and nutrition to enable to train / recover as needed.
How can you balance nutrients etc
Anybody got real life experience / advice
Appreciate the Community’s input


I think the issue is what do you think is going to be a problem?

I have had crohns most of my life. 61 now…only been riding for last 5 years or so…

You can message me directly if you would prefer but here are what I have had issues with.

Sugar…I do better not taking in added sugar. Now I say that but if I am doing workouts I am fine with the sugar being in the drinks/gels etc. I had to do my own search on what my body could handle as not everything works well for me.

Ramp test…can be a pain as there are days I really cant do the test without getting off the bike to hit the washroom. I have stopped on too many tests at 17-18 minutes to hit the washroom…

Food quantity…hit and miss for me and riding. I eat oatmeal most mornings with some added fruit and milk. Best for me to eat an hour before a ride to ensure I dont need to stop when riding.

Timing of your food intake and ride can be an issue. I stick to basics on my diet before a ride…If you want to try something riskier do it after a ride. Use your training to play with what you will do outside. I train indoors and eat the same as when I will go outside. Prevents problems when you do a long ride outside.

Staying well fueled and taking a recovery drink after a ride really help the body.

Getting enough sleep really does help.

I have had two resections in my time. I still have tested that I do not have a nutrient/vitamin deficiency. I am likely an odd one as I am fine with B12. I cant eat a lot of vegetables so they are not well represented in my diet. This hasnt caused any issues. Been through several dieticians…none of whom have offered anything startling new to me. If you have tracked your food you will have eliminated your problem foods and should be fine. My diet is more chicken/fish, white bread, frozen fruit, root vegetables(better if cooked). I prefer home cooked food with fewer ingredients then eating out. The traditional healthy diet of fiber, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts is just plain bad for me.

Let me know if there is something specific you would like addressed.

A guy down here in Australia is an ultra runner - Dan Whitehead. He has Crones Disease I believe and has a great YouTube Channel. Might be worth a look.