Training in the Heat, Fat Burning, and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 373

Does spending time outside in the heat cause heat adaptation, what can you do to lower RPE in the heat, and does training in the heat cause swelling? We’ll cover this as well as a discussion on fat burning for endurance athletes, the aerodynamic implications of out-of-the-saddle pedaling, and much more in Episode 373 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast!

Tune in Thursday at 8:00am Pacific!

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Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Why does standing require more power?
  • Should ultra-endurance athletes eat less carbs?
  • Should every training session make you faster?
  • Does working outside in hot conditions cause heat adaptation?
  • How to lower RPE in the heat
  • Does training in the heat cause swelling?

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I feel like you guys will look at topics in the forum and then take deep dives on them.:thinking:
Im looking forward to this episode!

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Is it possible/accurate to say you can be perpetually heat adapted? Or is it better to say you’re just kinda more used to it? For example, if it’s 90(F)+ and way humid for a few months and you’re riding, walking, mowing grass/yard work, living life in general, is anything happening on the molecular level to adapt you? Or are you just a little more accustomed to being in the heat? Or is it just wearing you down? I realize this isn’t the much higher temperatures you’d get from a sauna, but I’ve just been curious.


I’m interested on the swelling issues, especially feet.


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Nate: That podium picture was sparse
Jonathan: We won’t discuss that.

Me: second that point Jonathan. :rofl:

Also the look on @IvyAudrain 's face when talking about filling up on calorie dense gas station food as well as @Nate_Pearson pointing out “Well you do have to train your gut…” the :nauseated_face:factor is real, but you gotta fuel somehow.

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In the PodCast Chad mentioned he’d just bought a new ice vest recently and that there would be a link to it, however I didn’t see any mention of it on the video description on the YouTube video.

What was the new inexpensive ice vest that Chad bought and seems to like?

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If you find out post it.

Friends are using the Glacier Tek down here with ok results. I was considering the Velotoze Cooling Vest. A TR user posted good results with it resently.

One of the most useful ones for me thus far and all due to a very few short few seconds regarding power results vs power targets during intervals and one sentence that stack with me…the price paid for a week after overreaching in a session because you just could.
It feels good to be able to perform more than expected…but…the debt is collected by the body in the days after…which almost negates the planned benefits of said workout.
Started being more precise regarding power and even run’s heart rate.
Thank you.

@Nate_Pearson You are right about what you said regarding Chris Froome and the picture of his breakfast during the TDF one year. One of his team mates confirmed it on a podcast that he was trolling but did warm him by posting that he was setting a bad example to younger riders.

Turns out it is the Velotoze vest that Chad got

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This has nothing to do with cycling, just a response to @Nate_Pearson’s comment about leeches. They are still used and I have a current patient that we are using leeches on. And yes, it does look kind of barbaric.

Maggots have their place too if it works and is safe, then go for it.