Training for the Deathride

Nature’s Bakery seems to have undergone a shift in how they sponsor things overall. We had them as a strong sponsor of my bike club for the last number of years, and midway through last year they made a change and no longer are doing that same sort of support. Sounds like it applies to events as well.

Well. Y’all should be in your taper week about now. How did the training go? As for me I’m headed down to harbor freight to buy a couple brass bristle tooth brushes to clean speed plays and stocking up on chain lube and rags.

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New to TR, so I haven’t grasped the concept of tapering. I did Monitor, Ebbetts and Carson/Luther over the last 3 days, so now it’s time to relax and catch some of the fat rainbows that Todd plants in the East Carson and elsewhere.

The roads look good with the exception of the top of the back side of Monitor - it’s rougher than I recall. The front of Ebbetts had some holes above the switch backs, but they were being filled yesterday. Coming down the front side of Monitor Sunday, I saw a nasty set of skid marks that went straight off the road and across the pullout on a 90-degree right just above Leviathan Mine Rd. Someone hauling a trailer lost their brakes and went over the edge, but there were no fatalities.

Still no word on the changes to the route for next year. I hear the COC is meeting later this month to decide, but from what I hear, it sounds like Carson will be cut and they’ll either do 4 passes or double either Monitor or Ebbetts. They’re still paying to support a 3500 rider tour, but with far fewer registrations to support it. Have you heard anything?

See you in a few days - will you be on Ebbetts again?

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Taper = you should be going easy this week. About 1/2 your normal TSS more or less.

I’ll be there by the side of the road at the Ebbets summit.


I enjoyed meeting you on Ebbetts; thanks for the encouragement!

I just dropped off my 5-pass jersey application at the COC and asked about next year’s ride. The plan is to drop Carson (no surprise) and add mileage on Diamond Valley Rd. to make it a century. Death Ride II? Markleeville Century? Who knows, but I’ll probably see you next year.


@nick-m congrats on doing all 5 passes! Thanks for g2 on dropping Carson and replacing with Diamond Valley Rd.

Thanks, bbarrera,

It almost lived up to its name this year: two riders survived going off the same hairpin on Ebbetts within minutes of one another. The firefighter next door said their station treated a number of riders for falls due to heat exhaustion.



2016 we had 2 (or 3?) airlifts, I heard one on Ebbetts and the other on Carson. I don’t like Ebbetts in a car, and rode my brakes down that long descent LOL as it was my first time on a bike.

+1 on riding the brakes. Even as slow as I was descending, my rear tire caught a pebble and jumped out a couple inches on that very hairpin. That’s the biggest problem with Ebbetts - all the marbles on the road. I’ve never understood the “ON YOUR LEFT!!!” crowd - I think it’s a Darwin Award competition or something.

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A friend of mine decided not to do the final descent from Carson back to Markleeville because he wasn’t feeling great (headache and nausea)… sounds like he was really smart. (He felt a lot better after drinking a lot of fluids, so it sounds like he was definitely affected by the heat.)

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dhellman -

Probably a wise choice. The traffic below Hope Valley was an almost constant stream of cars/trucks - the worst I’ve seen in 4 rides. I’ll miss Carson for sentimental reasons, but I won’t miss the traffic.

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It was good seeing you out there. Glad you made your 5 passes that’s quite an accomplishment. Maybe someday I’ll be in shape for the DR. For now I’m just happy to help people with their bikes. We had a couple suggests from the people that were late up to Ebbits to put in some delineators on the blind corners. Apparently the descenders were taking the whole road. Sounds like a good idea. It might also be worth while to station volunteers at some of those corners.

The good/bad news is that there will be 29 fewer miles for which to train, if they even keep it running :worried: I’d encourage you to ride! For me, it’s an annual goal that keeps me focused to stay in shape.

It seems like they should do something on Ebbetts, since that’s where most of the accidents occur. Maybe a few cones around the corners would slow people and help delineate the right-of-way.

This is correct. Years ago the ride often approached the 200-mile mark. I know this because the year I did the Davis Double Century I decided not to do the Death Ride because I really didn’t feel up for another 200 miler.