Training For Remainder of My Plan (6 weeks)

Hello, World!

First time poster here, but I absolutely love TR! I’ve been following my TR plan consistently since December 2021 and had some thoughts that maybe someone could address for me.

I created a plan that runs from Dec 7 2021 - Jun 7 2022. So I have about 6 more weeks left.

I believe I started with two rounds of base phase, followed up two rounds of build phase.

I have had really good results, with my FTP increasing 52% since Dec!

This coming week my plan is entering a specialty phase time trial with lots of threshold type rides. I believe the plan is set to be like this for the remainder of my 6 weeks.

My thoughts are this … since my body adapted so well to the HIIT type V02 max build phase, should I continue to do that? Very impressed with my results, there is a big physical difference in my legs, I feel and look much stronger and thicker. We’ve had some warmer days and I’ve been able to get outside, and I broke all my PR’s. I also want to mention that while riding outside, I can run at FTP levels consistently for 1-2 hrs. I believe my natural ability is in my aerobic endurance abilities. I always lacked anaerobic pure muscle power and had chicken legs.

So am I better of scratching these threshold type rides since I’m able to perform well near FTP already for more V02 max HIIT type workouts to further bulk up?

I just recently did a new FTP test via ramp test today and did however notice my % increase from last time isn’t as great. Law of diminishing returns starting to kick in.

Appreciate the comments and thoughts, thanks!

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That depends on your goals: if you race it’s probably a good thing to be able to hold power close to ftp for a long time for general health and longevity it’s not so good. Short occasional ( 1‐2 times/week )vo2max intervals are better

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Adaptations from HIIT tend to diminish between 4-8 weeks depending on some things. Move on to something else. Threshold would be my suggestion.

Beware your FTP being artificially high because you just trained your top end and tested well. If you can’t handle threshold work at your new tested FTP, lower it until you can complete the workouts.

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This is awesome information. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and thanks for taking the time. I’ll work on some threshold training as originally planned.

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